Sunday, October 21, 2012

Change of ideas

I am moving this blog forward.  Instead of what I had originally started out as I am going to use it as my documentation for my self, my students and their parents.  Of course it will be filled with other Reggio Inspired activities so other teachers will be hopefully inspired too!

My room as I see it today.  Not completely Reggio but comfortable and homey.  A welcoming space

My reading area.  The kids love it!

Mt art area and the listening centre on the other side of the reading area.

My meeting space and Calendar board.

Here are a few projects we have worked on:

 A few people inspired these activities but I am not sure who to give credit to as they were on a few sites.  I apologize for not giving credit where it should go.  I know the apple investigation if from Julie Lee and you can get that here.

 I hope you enjoy my new look in my room and I will be posting my first documentation soon.

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