Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall is here!

We have been investigating fall in our class.  What makes fall happen and what is fall?  We learned that the other name for fall is Autumn.  We are so lucky to live by an outdoor playground with lots of trees and other forest type shrubs.  It was our first adventure out to the park and we had so much fun.  It was too bad we had to head in early before our play was over.  I promised we would go back soon.

We did about a couple days later.  I let them just "play"  The play was so fun to observe.  I had everyone just self exploring in the beginning.  They were all doing their own thing.  Girls were trying to do flips on the bars.  Each time they went around it reminded me of my own childhood and being at school.  I was amazed how flexible some of them are.  I showed a few boys how to balance on a beam and it was amazing to watch them try to keep there balance.  A few started counting and it became a contest.  Soon the rest of the boys started a game of Captain America and Pirates.  Next thing I knew all the boys were having so much fun.  Even the quiet ones who don't usually talk a lot in class where in full conversation and completely engaged.

The girls found an old stump that was covered in moss.  If first was a girls fort but then soon became a stage where they each put on a show for each other.  Then the play changed to a game of Mr. Wolf where the wolf was on the stump.  Then some girls who were suppose to be the wolf ended up playing in an old evergreen with great swinging branched.  Soon all the girls where swinging in the tree.  All the while the boys were engaged with their own play.

Signs of fall as seen by the class they told me what to take picture of.

 This was the first tree we saw and they immediately thought it was a sign of fall.  Afterwards someone said there isn't many leaves falling yet.

They loved that they could still see the fog across the field.

Everyone was so excited when they saw this tree.  Look at the colours.

 Fallen leaves.

 I wonder what is in the tree
 Look what we found!!!!


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