Saturday, April 30, 2011

Drop Box and thank you to Rowdy in First Grade

After two weeks of being back  I think I am starting to resurface from the depths of my classroom.  I promise I will start posting things for my one and only follower.  Thank you for following.

Once again I have been poking around all the wonderful blogs.  I just found the most amazing program.  Dropbox.  (Thanks Rowdy in First Grade)  It allows you to load 2GB onto their database and share it between as many computers as you would like.  I have 3 home, school and a laptop and files all over the place.  I also lost a ton of files from my lap top when my computer died and I had to buy a new hard drive.  I am still hopeful I can recover the hard drive and all my Jump downloads from teachers pay teachers.

So now that my files are organized off to enjoy the sunshine and cheer on my Vancouver Canucks beat the Nashville Predators tonight.  GO CANUCKS GO!


  1. You have two followers now! Come on over and follow me! We can even grab buttons if you are up to it!

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