Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rules for Sharing

This is going out to the blogging world.  Does anyone know what I can share on my blog.  I love looking at everyone else's blog but not sure where to go from here.  I have made lots of stuff but I don't have the right to use the images.  Usually they're from google images.  Everyone has such great graphics and I was just wondering if you can share anything as long as you don't sell it.  As soon as I get back to school I will start taking pictures of my classroom. 


  1. You can buy images from istock but if you are looking for graphics a good place to start is Scrappin Doodles. You can find a button for that one and Digi Web Studio on my blog and it will take you straight to them.

  2. Make a notebook and just jot down different ideas that you would like to post and use that list when you have no clue what to write about. Also, you can write down some of your favorite posts and modify those too! Remember...take pictures of everything!