Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ready or not here I go....

Okay okay...I am a blog junky.  I am always reading other Kindergarten Teachers ideas and finding cool information to try in my class.  I have too many favourites to list them all, but Deanna Jump has become my all time favourite.  As a Canadian K teacher, I am always looking for balance for my class, things that aren't too Grade 1 and not too preschool.  My goal here is to help others looking for ideas and create a monthly overview of what I do.  

In British Columbia, we have just entered the realm of Full Day Kindergarten.  With the first 3 months under our belts we are now starting to get into a great groove.  There were a few skinned knees, literally,and a few tears, by me not just the kids and now were about to enter the Christmas season.  Time for well deserved rest and celebrations.  Lets see where this blog takes us.

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